Over Share Much?

During these hot summer days, I perform an important morning ritual.

It is the traditional opening of the windows.

They are thrown open while many others are just waking with the hopes of inviting a breeze inside; before long, these same windows are closed tightly and shades drawn.

Open windows with sunshine, traded for a dark, cave-like feeling and a noisy air conditioner.

It is a matter of necessity, people.

A side effect of these open windows is the unintended over-sharing that takes place; this is especially true when you live in a neighborhood like mine, houses lined up with little buffer zones between them.

If I stop and think about it, open windows in the summer time is like Facebook. Sharing, sometimes over sharing, what is happening in your home and in your life. The only difference is that I can filter my Facebook pictures and comments a lot more than I can with our bickering, yelling upstairs for help,or the loud talking of a rambunctious phone call.

Morning walkers learn that there is often a zombie apocalypse in our living room.

Joggers hear about my son’s distaste for completing those “too hard” math problems or putting his laundry away neatly.

Neighbors are reminded that yes, we have two barking dogs, especially when they eye another canine touring the street.

On more than one occasion, I’m sure our “reminders” to myTBP about his room, his chores, or his attitude have been shared with innocent bystanders.

Sorry, neighborhood dwellers.

No doubt every household has fallen victim to his byproduct of summertime; it has been around for decades.

4 thoughts on “Over Share Much?

  1. This is precisely why all the new neighborhoods with their lovely but WAY TOO CLOSE TOGETHER homes are unappealing to me. I would feel like I’m in a fishbowl! (Yes, I’m so arrogant that I think people would actually WANT to hear what I’m saying, hee hee) Hopefully no one has recorded any of your life and shared it on social media 😉

  2. My last neighborhood was like that. Here, I actually keep the windows closed because they’re high off the ground and it freaks me out that my son may fall out. Also, it’s like a bazillion degrees and humid. There’s something about this post that makes me really happy with the images of summertime. Overshare away!

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