End of July Thoughts

For the last couple of years, the end of July has been a particularly stressful time. You might be surprised to hear that, I mean…it’s summer.

I often experience a panic about the summer days that have already past with few thing marked off my summer bucket list; no campfire yet, no s’mores yet, no tackling the garage yet; the ever-dwindling number of days left to be the summer version of myself. Yikes!  Slow down!

In years past, before I flipped that calendar page to August, I was already consumed with back to school. The words “Back to School” cause lots of emotions.  As a teacher, it means back to work.

In truth, most of the teachers that I know spend a large portion of their July and August reflecting, researching and reading about how to be a better teacher. How to meet each of their students needs better. The teachers that I know, have a hard time leaving the classroom behind and sometimes struggle to take advantage of those slower summer days before it all starts up again.

The parts that I dread the most…those first mornings that require drying your hair and applying make up; this is quite the opposite of my au natural summer look.

Those first mornings where you have to move faster in the morning and leave the house before watching your favorite morning show with a second cup of coffee…that’s harder for me.

This year, I am job sharing and will only teach on Fridays; however, I will be part of all the training days and staff development prior to the first day of school. These days will be here before you know it.  I will have to look professional instead of…how I look right now.

The biggest change for me this year is that I will be homeschooling my son.

All of those back to school ads for new shoes and clothes, they don’t hold the same weight now. We won’t have to find the best backpack, not too big or fancy, or face that daunting school supply list.

The biggest relief is that we don’t have to worry if this year’s teacher will “get him” or not.  This is HUGE!

I already know her and she loves him like crazy!


6 thoughts on “End of July Thoughts

  1. I LOVE this post! I am just so happy for you that you did this. We moved our older son from the local high school into a hybrid homeschool/on-campus situation in 10th grade. He was terrified of what it would mean for his social life. Just last week he thanked me for doing it. His only complaint? “Why didn’t you do it sooner?”

  2. I hope the new year is the best ever. The end of July has always been hard for me. Our kids were always excited to get back to school, and I was happy they wanted to go back, but I was so reluctant to say goodbye to our summer time together. This year the end of July means all of our fun summer stuff is over. It’s really just a countdown until our boy goes back to college. Sigh. -Amy

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