Thank You! I Really Mean it!..Thank You!

A few days ago, I needed help and asked all of you for answers.  I was exhausted by my precious, yet demanding and chattering only child.

Before I had published my plea, I had a couple of really long days.  You know the ones when you look at the clock and you are shocked that it is only 11:15 AM but it feels like 4:15 PM!

If I am being honest, it really wasn’t my TBP’s fault; it was mine.

I’m the adult.

I’m the one who should have that “I’m Bored” list of ideas ready. I’m the one that should have field trips planned and art activities ready. I’m the one who should know what to do with those two words that I hate more than most…

“I’m Bored”

I don’t know why…

Maybe I’m still working out the homeschooling kinks.

Maybe it’s my own fears, wondering if I could keep him engaged and active.

Maybe it was the sudden return of back to school commercials that meant so much less now.

I think it could have been a mixture of all of this and more. I was stuck.

I couldn’t see the amazing field of learning opportunities through the individual trees of fear.

So I did what I have grown accustomed to and turned my question over to all of you.

The responses were wonderful and just what I needed. They were offered with compassion and understanding instead of judgment.

I have read and reread those comments and will continue to go back to them on tougher days.

In addition to the many ideas and resources that were so generously shared (read the comments for the previous post), I also felt my own attitude shift.

Instead of planning for a long, tedious day that seemed to go on for eternity; I expected that we would enjoy ourselves.

I began to plan ahead and thought of choices before the “I’m Bored” even arrived.

I spoke with my son in the morning about having a productive day that we both could enjoy.

I made sure that there was at least one thing that I presented to him each day to help peak his interests and keep the boredom away.

I know that “I’m Bored” isn’t gone forever, but I feel a bit more prepared and I thank you!

I really do!






10 thoughts on “Thank You! I Really Mean it!..Thank You!

  1. I’m glad you got some reassurance.

    From a teacher to homeschool mom’s perspective, my biggest hurdle as I began homeschooling was backing off when I felt the pressure to push through. As a teacher you are constantly in a “pressure cooker” and in a “push to cover it” mindset. I’ve found the EXACT OPPOSITE works best with homeschooling. The more you push, the less you accomplish.

    The days I felt we would accomplish nothing turned out to be the most productive. Instinctively we know this is how it really works. The current state of education demands the exact opposite of what kids need. We know it. Now’s our chance to do it right. … for our own kids.

    Now’s the chance for less demand and more genuine learning.

    So, when the pressure is on. … sit back and relax.

  2. Parenting – I mean decent, positive, productive parenting – is hard. No way around it. Some days are better than others…some days you’ll feel like you’ve got it down, and some days will just get you down. When mine were little I made ‘to do’ lists every day that included some ‘must do’ activities, and some ‘want to do’ things that they could look forward to. It seemed to help, and got them ready for their ‘chore’ lists when they were older!

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