Fourth Grade

I have a problem with living in the moment.

I have no problems planning or worrying about the future and I excel at rehashing the past, but enjoying the present, that’s a hard one.

This could explain why just one day after I finished packing up my school year, I am already preoccupied with planning my next school year assignment.

I should be celebrating or relaxing, but instead I am thinking, researching, planning.

Teaching fourth grade to my nine-year old son will occupy my Mondays through Thursdays. On Fridays, I will teach first grade in a classroom at the school that I have spent 20+ years.

I’m thinking it’s the best of both worlds.  I hope it meets my expectations.

Today, I was knee-deep in the Lewis and Clark Expedition and Washington State history. I am thinking of all the places we can visit to bring our Native American unit to life.

I guess you just can’t pull the teacher out of this teacher mama.

In my mind, we will work third grade science and math through July and then take a short break before starting fourth grade in the last weeks of August.

This August, there will be no worries about school supplies, adjusting back to a school schedule, or driving around looking for a comfortable back pack.

Best of all, no worries about the fourth grade teacher understanding his sensory issues, social challenges, and his giftedness.

We already know that she loves him!

Thank goodness.


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