Hardest Stage?

Yesterday, we drove into the city and met friends for breakfast.  It had been many years since we shared a few laughs in person and we were really looking forward to the visit.

We were also very excited to meet their eight month old beautiful twins.

Let me tell you, there is something about twins that is a real head turner, especially when they are delicious looking!

It has been a long time since I had a baby at the breakfast table.

I forgot all the stuff that it takes to make an outing successful. Honestly, I was never very good at steering that stroller.

As we had breakfast, it was clear that these parents had perfected the talk, eat, care for babies act.  They passed babies to each other so they each had sufficient time to eat.

Later, I reflected on being a parent at that time. I thought that age was hard, but now I don’t think that was the hardest.

Yes, there are many things that you are carrying around and of course you are completely responsible for their every need, but you are the one in control.

I was (still am) a nervous parent, but I am most comfortable when I feel that I have control of the situation.

What I discovered was that when outside people, school or friends, started influencing my son’s days it became harder. Teachers focusing on his struggles or friends hurting his feelings; I no longer have to support his head or feed him, but I have to protect his heart and his self-worth.

Maybe it’s because of my son’s unique needs, but I don’t think it is easier to be a parent today.  There are moments that are less involved, but other moments are harder to parent my almost nine years old boy.

I can imagine that hormones and the desire to grow up too fast will bring unique challenges for the teenage years. Although this seems far away, I know that it really isn’t because this parenting journey seems to speed up no matter how hard I try to slow it down.

So now I ask the experienced parents out there…What age did you think was the hardest of your parenting journey?


6 thoughts on “Hardest Stage?

  1. My two are still toddlers and although it definitely entails never ending days of work, I know the emotional difficulties are still to come. Even now when my two year old gets her feelings hurt by another kid my heart already breaks for her. I think I may be a complete pile of tears once the middle school days roll in!

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