Enemy Number One

What is Enemy number one to a writer?

No, it isn’t a lack of time to get clever thoughts into complete sentences.  It isn’t having that perfectly selected word leave you when the phone jolts you back to reality.  It isn’t even the lack of fresh ideas.

The biggest enemy to a writer…is a confidentiality agreement!

If you have followed our story, you are  aware of the fact that we have filed a formal complaint against our son’s school district.  Even though our son is not returning to his school, we couldn’t just walk away and let others fall victim to their lack of training, lack of communication and lack of compassion.

We had a responsibility.

I mean if they would do these things to my family when I am a veteran teacher, fully aware of the rules and regulations; there will be other children also ignored or housed instead of truly educated.

We couldn’t let that happen.  Not again.

At this point, we have agreed to work toward an early reconciliation.  We don’t know if The District has agreed or not.  We will find out soon.

If they agree to work with us to right these wrongs, we will do that.  We will move forward, honoring the confidentiality agreement.

The idea of not being able to talk about this is…excruciating!  I would love to share our process step by step in an effort to help others regain what is rightfully theirs in terms of their child’s’ education.

If you are a writer, you know how hard it is to write about a topic when another giant elephant is taking up all the space in your mind, in your heart; however, I have no choice.  The only real choice that I have is to fight for my son, my family and to encourage those of you that find yourself in similar situations, to do the same.

I hope it is worth the price of silence.



6 thoughts on “Enemy Number One

  1. I wish I had filed an official complaint about our school. I did tell them
    I will tell anyone who asks what happened to us and make sure I can fit it in to conversations to make sure everyone knew! I have done that! There was an ad in the paper that their enrollment had significantly decreased so they were working in finding out why!? Really?! Luckily I found another school that I loved here and things turned out ok, but I really would have liked to do that.

  2. I’m glad you did what you had to for your son and family, and maybe some day, when the confidentiality agreement period is over, you can share your knowledge and wisdom.

    • I’m not shy about sharing what has been going on for the last several months or the fact that parents must advocate, but the specific details are quieted for now. I believe at some point, much becomes public record.

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