Treasure Box

On Sunday afternoon, after school work and errands were completed, I stumbled upon a treasure box.

The treasure box was my “pictures” file on Facebook.

I kept saying out loud, “I knew I had that picture somewhere?!”

I don’t know about you, but when I used to have a camera with film, I seemed to have a better idea where my photos ended up.  Yes…you got the bad photos, the red-eyed photos, the someone-moved-and- it-blurred photos, but you had them. In the paper envelope with the fold over flap.

The good, the bad, and the what-was-I-thinking?!

Eventually the best, ended up in a book or at least a box that you could pull out and admire once in a while.

Now…depending on how old..some priceless photos are on flash drives, on disks, and some are…well, somewhere on the computer.

My son is almost nine, I have started practicing saying that fact out loud so it doesn’t knock my over when it happens, and I found forgotten favorites!

Snapshots from all of his birthday parties!

Photos of our trips to Vancouver, the ocean and the family condo.

Pictures of the pumpkin patch, the egg hunt, the visits with Santa; the time he insisted on hosting a Halloween haunted house party or when we did science summer camp at home.

Frozen in time, I was reminded of past habits or phases. The way he used to suck those two fingers all the time. That hat, always that hat. Carrying around that slick nylon jogging suit jacket that could never be left at home and was often forgotten somewhere and miraculously recovered.

In the future, I know there will be pictures of the day-to-day activities that are going on right now.  It seems impossible, but at some point I might even say…

“Remember that Mine Craft game you used to love?”

Today, was an amazing trip down memory lane filled with smiles and some tears.  The bad part is…

Now, I have to learn how to get them from Facebook!





Those were the memories!


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