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I Choose My Son

Almost two years ago, I started writing this blog to share what I learned about twice-exceptional children.  This began as a way of helping and supporting families that were left with more questions than answers.  I didn’t want others to have to start at the beginning and I knew that I had an interesting perspective … Continue reading

Enemy Number One

What is Enemy number one to a writer? No, it isn’t a lack of time to get clever thoughts into complete sentences.  It isn’t having that perfectly selected word leave you when the phone jolts you back to reality.  It isn’t even the lack of fresh ideas. The biggest enemy to a writer…is a confidentiality agreement! If … Continue reading

So…How Is It?

It has been about a month since we traded the big school for home school; I thought I would provide an update. First, I want to thank those of you that continue to send encouraging and supportive emails and share comments about your personal stories.  Based on the comments that I have received, especially from the recent … Continue reading