This Time of Year


It must be this time of year.

Today, I cried looking at my son’s Santa pictures.  Each one fantastic, but together…they show how quickly my son is growing up.

I cried as I watched the newest Apple commercial.  You know the one where it looks like the teenager could care less and then…he really cares a lot!

I sobbed during our Family Night Movie.  My Dog Skip is not the movie to watch when you are already worried about your fourteen year old arthritic terrier.

For those that really know me, watch out because the holidays seem to make me even more emotional than normal. Some days, I listen to Christmas songs and I enjoy them.  Other days, I find them depressing.

Christmas as an adult is so much different from Christmas as a child.

As a child, there is a magic that takes over the room.  You don’t understand it when you are little, but you feel it and it’s special.

I didn’t know how much I should appreciate my grandfather’s fruit cake and the little jewelry boxes that he carefully placed in the tree.

I didn’t know how much I should appreciate my grandmother’s dining table; set beautifully with special once-a-year Christmas dishes and food prepared with love.

I certainly didn’t know how much I should appreciate the time and energy that my parents put into making Christmas Day special.

I try to explain to my son the importance of these memories.  I try to explain to him that this Christmas and the others will go by so quickly.

He doesn’t get it.  I guess I can’t expect anything differently.

Even though he doesn’t understand, we continue to build our traditions. We do Santa pictures, look at holiday lights, and enjoy an advent calendar.  This year, we started a Christmas Eve box with pajamas and slippers.   I would love to think that he might continue some of these with his own family.

Christmas has a way of marking time in your personal history.  The year that you got that hard to find toy, when your record albums melted by the heat vent, or the first Christmas without a loved one.

Whatever foods or traditions or gifts that you choose…make this Christmas one to remember!

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