Just Saying

I have the rest of this week with my son before I return back to work.  Next Monday, it all begins.

Getting up and out of the house, suddenly aware of the clock that has had secondary importance most of the summer.

The hair dryer must be used and make up applied when those were completely optional as of late.

A schedule is followed with limited free time and a long list of “must dos” that would be too much for any human to complete in one day.  At least this human.

Our new nanny arrives and the transition begins.  The adjustment for JL and my TBP to begin to understand each other.  Hopefully, he saves some of his intrigue for later days.

With these limited days left before a work world envelopes everything, I should have a wonderful week planned.  I should have activities, science experiments, and fun excursions scheduled for this Tuesday through Friday.  I begin to brainstorm possibilities and throw out ideas to my little man’s back as he enjoys his favorite activity.

“How about we spend today doing something fun together?!”

“That sounds awesome…it would be great to go get some nice coffee and come back home.”

“I was thinking about something that required a bit more time away from home…like a park or the science museum.”

“Yeah… we could but…I’m thinking a day at home sounds great.”

This has been his response often and I can’t honestly blame him.  I have loved begin home, handling home projects and writing when I have a thought to save for later.  The outside world still takes more energy out of him.  Actually, the comfort of his computer and the victories that he experiences there is calming…limiting of course, but calming.

“I am going upstairs to get ready and we are going to head out for a while.”

“Why use up gas to go somewhere when we don’t HAVE to go?”

To this comment, I have to give him my you-know-you-are-being-ridiculous-look and he responds with a phrase that I know he has absorbed from me.

“Just saying”

So, I’m wondering…do you prefer a day going out and being “out there” or a day when you can be here…at home?

4 thoughts on “Just Saying

  1. Our kids seem to like a mixture of both. As parents my husband and I often wanted to get them out of the house, but we found that sometimes that was lost on them and it was pure over-scheduling. They seem to need a mixture of cozying up some quiet time at home and a couple days with museum or other types of visits. We learned to accomodate to something that worked best for all of us. 🙂

    • Great comment-thank you!
      If I had it my way we would have a slow morning and go out somewhere each afternoon. Sometimes that works and then others…too much.
      We have to be especially careful when school starts.

  2. Great post and question! When we have been over-programmed and going non-stop, I prefer a day of being “out there.” But after this summer, filled with lots of fun and too many scheduled activities, I am yearning to be here/at home and return to our routine, at least for a little while.

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