We Found THE One!

When I told my son that I was returning to work full-time, he looked at me as though I was betraying him.  It broke my heart.   I quickly shared that even though I would not be there initially to pick him up, I would be there shortly after his snack and homework were finished.  This seemed to settle his nerves momentarily until he asked the question that I was still wondering….”Who will take care of me?”

I didn’t know what to say…because I didn’t know.  I knew that answer would be unsettling to him (because it was unsettling for me) so I said, “Thankfully we have plenty of time to find a great person.”  I continued by saying that we were looking for someone who was friendly, fun, responsible, caring, and smart.  He smiled and said, “How about someone who likes video games?”

When the calendar switched from June to July, my anxiety level increased.  I had done this search last summer and the “top” candidates were so dreary that I stopped my search and went to work part-time.  This change allowed me to be home with my son in the afternoons and gave me a bit of time for writing and household errands.  I thought it would be easy and relaxed, but there were new stresses that I hadn’t counted on. Professionally, I missed having my students full-time and working with my team that felt like home. I worked hard to give my morning Kindergarten students an equal experience as the full day Kindergarten students and it was extremely challenging.  I was doing my classroom newsletter and most of my parent communication at home and during the very time that I planned to spend with my son.  In addition to the professional reasons, I have to admit that financially, it was a stretch;  I didn’t like crossing my fingers when I used my debit card at the grocery store.

Well the good news is…we found our girl!! 🙂

She is bright and approachable.  Responsible, active, and experienced with a wide variety of kids…even those on the spectrum.  She is the daughter of an educator that I have known for many years.  I was thrilled to find someone who I had a previous connection with, instead of scouring the internet for a stranger that’s only strengths were that she could work the hours needed and was willing to drive to us.

When I found out that JL was interested in the job, I told my son that we found a great person.  I explained that she was coming for a visit and I showed him a picture of her and he smiled.  “She looks great and friendly” which I think meant “She is pretty.”

What I didn’t know then, but learned today, is that not only is she everything we expected her to be…she is more.  She is social, confident & flexible and…she plays Mine Craft.

Need I say more?!

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