Now THIS is Summer!


Because today’s swimming lesson was cancelled, my TBP and I found ourselves with a free day.  We called up Granny and asked if she would like to go to the beach.  My parents have lived in the same neighborhood for over 45 years.  In addition to the lake view, the neighborhood has private beach property.  Rarely, do we take advantage of this secret treasure but once we enjoy the beach and water access, we immediately plan our return visit.

I have many memories of this particular beach.  As a child, we would go with my parents.  As a teenager, we would go in groups and “hang out” until one by one we were old enough for jobs.  I remember the day that the neighborhood wise guy stole the top of my bikini while I was sunbathing.  My father wasn’t amused at that news.  More shockingly, was the day that a classmate was hit by a motor boat and lost her leg in this extremely serious accident.

Those days at the beach are distant memories and today’s visits are focused on my son.  We were pleased when we found that we had the property to ourselves.

Being a boy with sensory issues can be challenging…even during the supposed carefree days of summer.  He insisted on his flip-flops for the water because of the rocks and aquatic plants that touched his toes; however, the same flip-flops that helped also hindered his swimming.  It was a dilemma, but one that didn’t keep him from having fun.

He wanted to swim in the lake with his face in the water, but the fact that the ducks share the water and use it as their toilet, was a realization that stuck with him throughout the visit.  Even so, he did put his face in and fully enjoyed the refreshing lake experience.

Because we were outside, there were bugs.  We were warned often of ants and other intimidating insects and he wanted to inspect them without his presence being noticed by the tiny creatures.  As many other parents understand, just applying sunblock is a balance of tolerating the pressure with the smells and coldness to his skin and knowing that it’s application is required.

All in all, we had a great visit.  We were glad that we reintroduced ourselves to the property in July instead of waiting until Labor Day weekend and being filled with regret about all the missed opportunities.






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