4 Questions The Invited Are Asking?

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Candles spell out the traditional English birthday greeting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We recently sent out invitations to my son’s 8th birthday party.  I imagine that some of the guests might have questions when they receive their invite.

1.  Does he really like me?

Because my son is often overwhelmed with sensory issues, his facial expression doesn’t always show his true feelings about someone.  This is especially true if he is in a loud or crowded place.  Understandably, this is often confusing to other kids.

2.  Does he know my name?

My son can struggle with names.  This is especially true if we see a classmate outside of the school setting.  More than once, we have been walking in the neighborhood and someone says hello to my TBP.   I’ll ask, “Who was that?”  He looks at me, completely confused and responds, “I don’t know.”  In the beginning, I used to quiz him about it, “What do you mean, you don’t know?”  Now I just answer … “Well, she seems to really like you.”

3.  Will there be cake?

Anybody that knows my son, knows that he has a serious dairy allergy.  Classmates know that he has special treats tucked away at school for any celebrations that might come up.  Luckily, he doesn’t usually care about foods that others can eat, that he can’t.  He also is quite fond of anything gummy, so he doesn’t feel like he is missing out.

Back to the question of cake…if you knew me in “real life” you would know that I am not going to miss out on birthday cake!  Yes…we will have cake and it should be delicious 🙂

4.  Does he like anything other than Mine Craft?

Yes; however, Mine Craft is still his obsession!  I present other interesting games or activities and so far…nothing trumps Mine Craft.  I have seen a glimmer of interest in archery and fencing but nothing else yet.  There was an opportunity for art lessons and he asked, “Why do I need to have someone teach me to do art when I am happy with the way I do it now?!”  It is hard to argue with that, but I did try to sell him on the idea of trying new techniques or mediums…no such luck.

My boy has made great strides when it comes to his social skills, but there is still some apprehension that I think also makes him suspicious about joining a class.

The birthday party is in a few weeks and I hope that the invited will have fun!  You can count on me to share the details…wish ME luck! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “4 Questions The Invited Are Asking?

  1. I do so know the problem with name recall. I had worked with the same people for over 20 years…and when I would suddenly see them…I couldn’t remember their names (I am very good with visual recall…just not names). I always opted for just replying with “Hey” when they called me by name 🙂

    As children mature…they learn to look into the heart. I think your son will become even more popular when they see the depth and purity of his heart instead of focusing on the outside. The older he gets…the more interesting he will be to all around him. People soon tire of the facades used to deceive. They will learn to treasure honor and honesty.

    • Thank you!!
      The name thing is so hard for many I know…especially when you see someone in an unexpected location.
      He is maturing and starting to understand those behaviors that make friends & keep them.
      Hard to believe he will be 8 🙂

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