This Sunday in June

Today, was Father’s Day.  I was lucky to spend the time with my father and our family.  Everyone talked and ate, while we watched the grandkids play together.

As nice as this day was, I couldn’t stop thinking about those that I love that are fatherless.  Most have lost their fathers to illness and others never knew them at all.  I listen to my loved ones share memories of their dads.  It doesn’t seem to matter if it has been one month, one year, or ten years…the desire to have just one more conversation with their father is always present and overwhelming.

This holiday was not designed to pour salt in an ever-open wound, but it does for those that are fatherless.  How is it that one day can have so much power?

Someone I love, explained how painful this day is for her.  She anxiously waits for night-time and hopes that keeping busy will make it race faster.  She is relieved when this particular Sunday is over. It has been years since she lost her father, but the pain and the desire to keep a connection has not subsided.

Does time really heel all wounds?

My son played today in my parent’s backyard without fully understanding the importance of the day.  For him, this gathering wasn’t any different from Fourth of July or other family celebrations.  He entered the house and told my father “Happy Father’s Day” and I don’t think he stopped, even for a moment, to think about the impact of those words on his life.

On this day, even I can get swept away and worry about having enough positive males in my son’s life.  The words “Happy Father’s Day” makes me think about role models in his life.  This day, makes those concerns even more present.  However,  it isn’t as if these thoughts are unique to only this Sunday in June.

Someday, I expect that someone will look at him and say, “Happy Father’s Day.”  I hope that I am alive to see my young boy become a man and then a father.  I hope that I get to hear him say to his own children, just a few bits of advice that we shared with him.

Tomorrow is Monday.  For those of us that are lucky enough to have our fathers, I hope that we will remember the feelings of today and continue to express our love and appreciation.  For those of you that found today painful, I hope that your memories and photos helped a little.

2 thoughts on “This Sunday in June

  1. Your story resonated with me. My hubs and I have sort of “adopted” my girlfriends 2 teenage sons. She is going through a divorce and their father is, well, take your pick of expletives. My hubs and I have tried to be a positive influence in their life and our efforts must have paid off because they gave my hubs a Father’s Day card with a simple message – Thanks for Being a Father Figure to Us – You Rock!

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