This Year…

Today, my son finished 2nd grade.   It doesn’t seem possible!

This year, he attended all specialists without extra accommodations or assistance.

This year, I walked into the office and didn’t have to avoid the principal.

This year, my TBP had a group of boys that he played with and called his friends.

This year, my son ate in the lunchroom despite the noises, crowds & smells.

This year, he didn’t cry in the morning about going to school.  Of course, there were times that were harder but they were rare, instead of the daily occurrence of the previous year.

This year, he had a teacher that liked him.  I’m sure there were days where it was hard, but she never showed that to my son.

This year, I got to walk him home from school and be the first to hear about his day.

Last month, when I turned in the paper about placement for next year, I looked the principal straight in the eye and told him that he needed another good year.  I know that he saw the urgency in my face when I said it.

He needs one more year where he has a group that he can feel apart of, the feeling of community that he felt this year.  He must have another teacher that “gets him” and appreciates his gifts, strengths & quirkiness while supporting his weaknesses.  He needs one more year, where the good habits and social skills that developed this year, can be the solid foundation that is necessary for him to begin to focus more on his academic gifts and less on his issues.

I know it is hard to believe, but I think that the principal saw all of that in my face when I spoke to him.  He assured me that he would do his best.

I believed him.

Today, is far more emotional for me than I expected.  What’s the big deal?  It’s only second grade…it isn’t the end of elementary school or middle school or god forbid, high school!  It just seems like it is all going so fast and in a blink of an eye, it will be all of those things.  Knowing that it will go so fast, faster than I want, I have to remember to enjoy it now and appreciate it.  Believe it or not, but the worrier inside of me already tried to emerge and freak out about next year before today was even completed!  I pushed it away…at least until August. 🙂

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