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Last Day of School

Today, I stood with all the other teachers and support staff as we blew bubbles and waved goodbye to our students. Although parts of the year seemed to drag by at a snail’s pace, most of the weeks raced by. As expected, I had students that were excited about the last straw being placed into … Continue reading

The Closing

The end of the school year stumbled upon me in an unexpected way. Typically, I would have my report cards completed and printed by now.  I would have more materials packed up, more curriculum inventoried, more things off the walls. Historically, I would have a large calendar with many days crossed off.  I would be … Continue reading

Maybe It’s Because…

I’m not sure if it was the volunteer celebration this morning or the realization that we have only twenty days left of school, today I was filled with emotions. Soon, I will say goodbye to my first graders and proudly watch them as they wave to me from the buses pulling away on that last … Continue reading

This Year…

Today, my son finished 2nd grade.   It doesn’t seem possible! This year, he attended all specialists without extra accommodations or assistance. This year, I walked into the office and didn’t have to avoid the principal. This year, my TBP had a group of boys that he played with and called his friends. This year, my son ate in the lunchroom despite the noises, … Continue reading