Happy Anniversary!

On May 5th 2012, we were reflecting about the challenging journey of the last year.  We had been to several experts and had learned a lot of  information and many strategies that helped my TBP.  As part of this quest, I spent time looking for research that helped me better understand twice-exceptional children.  In my opinion, what I found was negative, clinical, and boring.  It just didn’t speak to me.  Because of this, I felt compelled to share our journey and the learning that had taken place.

This blog was created as a way to help others so that their journey wasn’t quite as jagged as ours. There were times, when we thought we had dealt with something completely and then, it would return and show its ugly head.  When this happened, it felt like starting all over; however, things were better. The tantrums were shorter and less intense.  The social issues seemed to be more about a few, specific kids instead of…everyone.  The apologies came quicker and some of the “hot button” topics would melt away without much notice.

As a celebration of this blog and the voice that it has provided me, I wanted to share some of my favorite “reruns” of the past year.

“Am I A King?” was the first blog that made me cry as I wrote it.  I loved this one because it showed a softer, deeper side of my son.

“The Brain” was a recent posting.  It is one of my favorites because it shows where we are today and celebrates a level of awareness that I didn’t know my son could have at such a young age.

“Therapist 3” this piece was about a real turning point in our family.

“Mother Guilt” is a post about the guilt that mother’s feel…no matter if they are working out of the home or not.

“Go Ahead…Breathe”  Instead of an expected result, a needed surprise occurred

“Little Man Tater” was one of my earliest posts about the confusing aspect of twice-exceptional children

Here’s to another year of great learning and discoveries!

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