Posted in October 2012

“Am I a King?”

Although I am only working part-time, my plate seems to be running over! My mother is staying in a convalescent center while recuperating from a broken femur, my son is still adjusting to the new school year, and I am learning the “ins and outs” of my new job in Kindergarten.  At the time when I should be falling asleep, I make lists in … Continue reading

Almost Wordless Wednesday-Pumpkin Patch Style

On our third attempt to the pumpkin patch, we finally made it.  We didn’t go to our favorite location due to my mother’s femur injury.  Instead, we picked a local nursery that had U-pick pumpkins and a tractor-pulled hay ride.  We were lucky that we had a break in the rainy weather and actually saw … Continue reading

The Femur Adjustment

Until there is a family emergency, small problems can seem huge and big problems can seem permanent. On our way to the pumpkin patch last weekend, we received a phone call.  My mother had fallen and was in excruciating pain.  Her screams of agony haunt me.  The drive to the hospital seemed to go in slow motion.  … Continue reading

Is this a Trick or Treat?

Over the weekend, we went to the costume store so that my son could pick out a Halloween costume.  We walked around and tried to point out different possibilities.  He inspected the pictures that turned from peaceful to gory and wanted to know how they worked.  He was surprised that the plastic bloody heart was not in a … Continue reading

The Attitude Shift

My son forgot his lunch today.  While this doesn’t seem like a big news story, it is quite an inconvenience when your child has severe food allergies and gets upset when things change unexpectedly.  Working part-time, I had the ability to leave work right away to handle this problem.  I quickly visited the nearest McDonald’s and drove directly to my … Continue reading

In Recovery

We seem to have a new trend going on at my house. The school week, is going well…usually.  Morning drop off is smoother and there is a happy boy saying “goodbye” and heading off to 2nd grade.  When I pick up my son from school, he is happy and gladly shares the highlights of his day.  This … Continue reading