The other day, my son announced his intentions to marry.  We walked hand in hand as he told me about his “girlfriend.”   While he spoke, I was reminded that his desire to hold my hand would be short-lived and that I should enjoy it while I can!

“Why do you like her?”

“Well I like her for lots of reasons…but she has great hair and runs slow enough that I can catch her at recess!”

“I suppose that’s a good place to start.  Does she know that you like her?”

“Of course!”

This afterschool discussion, reminded me of some of his past romances.

As a preschooler, there was a certain barista that my son would stop sucking his fingers, unroll the window, and talk with her about his current fascinations for Star Wars and Harry Potter.

In Kindergarten, we received an email from his teacher that our son was trying to kiss a particular girl on the lips.  When we asked him about it, he said that he wanted her to know that he liked her.  We explained that he would need to act friendly and use friendly words instead of kissing and that kisses were not for school.

Last year, my son was smitten with a girl who was very kind to him.  He liked that her hair looked like Irena Spalko (villainess from Indian Jones movie) and that she had twinkly eyes.  For weeks, I heard about this little girl until one day…it stopped as quickly as it had started.  I asked my son about his friend and he quietly said, “She doesn’t like me anymore.”  When I asked more questions, he said…”I think I gave her too much attention and she was embarrassed.”

I do know, that my TBP stepped in to defend his first grade girlfriend when older kids were bothering her.  I hope that scored some points for him because as socially immature as he is, he is extremely loyal.  The problems often occurs when the loyalty isn’t returned.

Whether a boy or a girl, my son has a difficult time sharing his friends.  Usually, he holds on too tightly and squeezes the life out of the friendship.  We rarely hear about the same friends from the beginning of the year when it comes to the spring months.

This year, he continues to have an appreciation for great hair, but seems a bit more cautious about giving his heart totally away.

I asked my son today…”Are you and Hayley still close?”

“Of course!  But Mama…is it okay that I love her, but I really want to play with Audrianna?”

“Oh yes, it is more than okay!”

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