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Yippee! I’m Writing A Book!

I remember a period in my life when I was desperately searching for answers. Answers that would help us better understand our son. Like most people, he could be described with many adjectives; however, nothing seemed consistent. We read and we tested out other people’s ideas and suggestions, but we were still puzzled. Maybe even … Continue reading

A Bright Not Broken Saturday Night!

Tonight, I had a winning-lottery-ticket-experience!  One of those rare opportunities that you hear about on Facebook or see mentioned on Twitter. You see the offers and you wonder if anyone really wins the prize. I heard that Special Needs Radio was offering phone consults with some of their experts, stars or celebrities really, to a … Continue reading

Dr. C. Therapist #3

In the last two years, we saw three different therapists…all of them more than once. Each of these qualified experts, enlightened us with new information and a fresh perspective. Dr. S (therapist #2) did a wonderful job of “talking us off the ledge” when we were in crisis mode. She focused on the most critical … Continue reading

You Say “Potato” and I say “Potahto”

Before I was the parent of a twice-exceptional child, I would hear  “You say ‘potato’ and I say ‘potahto’…Let’s call the whole thing off” and I would sing along without any particular care or thought about the words…until one day.  I listened to the lyrics and I instantly thought of… perspectives.  Varying perspectives (or opposing perspectives) have really … Continue reading

2e or Not 2e… That IS the question!

Here’s the truth…Things that I expected to be fun for a child, were painful for mine.  Story time at the library, going to the fair, or anything specifically designed with children in mind,  ended poorly for us.  When it was just us at home, he could be creative, expressive, and engaging.  Throw other people or … Continue reading

You’re my Obsession…Now I’m Done

When my son was 3 years old, he was obsessed with art.  Our dining room table was buried somewhere under pipe cleaners, construction paper, yarn and tape for over a year.  Brand new bottles of Elmer’s glue and other craft products were grabbed quickly and just as quickly used up on the newest project.   Masterpieces … Continue reading

Don’t Go Changing…

Change is hard, right? This is coming from the person that sits in the same spot at every staff meeting. I’m not talking about usually sitting there. I’m talking years…many years in the same place! I imagine that there are people (somewhere) that embrace change. However, I don’t have those “change seekers” at my house. … Continue reading