A Bright Not Broken Saturday Night!

Tonight, I had a winning-lottery-ticket-experience!  One of those rare opportunities that you hear about on Facebook or see mentioned on Twitter.

You see the offers and you wonder if anyone really wins the prize.

I heard that Special Needs Radio was offering phone consults with some of their experts, stars or celebrities really, to a few lucky followers. I threw my hat into the ring.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I got the golden ticket!

I won a conversation with the amazing Bright Not Broken authors, Diane Kennedy and Rebecca Banks.

If you have been a follower, you know how I feel about this book. This is THE book that changed the direction that my son and family was headed.

When I found Bright Not Broken we were at a low.  We were filled with questions and nothing added up.

I have talked about this book to many, copying and highlighting critical sections for those that assumed the worst about my son.

I still remember the way my brain could hardly keep up with my eyes as I consumed the first section of Bright Not Broken.

It was my son.

I remember that night. We stood in the kitchen, reading it out loud, circling parts and underlining phrases. I can only imagine that it felt similar to discovering oil.

Obviously, this phone call meant a lot!

When my cell phone rang at 5:00 pm with an unknown number, I knew it was my heroes.

Both Diane and Becky were exactly what I expected. Of course, I knew what they sounded like by listening to their radio show; but I was pleasantly surprised when they showed me the same level of interest, warmth and expertise as they did with their guests.

I shouldn’t have been surprised.

These brilliant women asked questions and listened as I spoke about my son.  They gave suggestions, some based on research and others from personal experiences.

They shared what they wished they would have known earlier, as parents.  The good, the bad and the uglier.

They brainstormed with me.

They complimented me.

They truly participated, being so generous with their time and wisdom.

I have new ideas and comfort because of this conversation. I have new strength in the idea that what we chose to do in March was the right decision.

Before hanging up, I had the opportunity to tell, not email, not Facebook, not Tweet, TELL these women how important their work has been to my son and my family.

That is something that doesn’t get to happen everyday!

Tonight, I am filled with gratitude!

2 thoughts on “A Bright Not Broken Saturday Night!

  1. You may have held the golden ticket, but we were the real winners in last night’s conversation. Diane and I were humbled that you chose us to speak with us in lieu of the others who work with the Special Needs Network. When you shared with us what our book meant to your family, tears of gratitude and joy filled my eyes. Talking with you allowed me to experience personally just how meaningful Diane’s and my work has been to another mother struggling to understand her child.
    It was truly an honor to learn of your concerns and hopes for your son, along with the many sacrifices your family has made to support your wonderful boy.

    As you so beautifully share on your blog, the journey is not easy; nor are there simple answers for our children. But, when, as parents, we unite to share our experiences, strength, and hope, we grow stronger in our passionate determination to serve our twice-exceptional children no matter the cost.

    Than you for your support of Bright Not Broken and for your outstanding blog, which is truly born out of love. You, as well as your son, are precious gifts to this world. Thank you for service and your dedication.

    Rebecca and Diane

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