Can You Really Ruin Minecraft?



A few months ago, we were super excited to learn about a new Minecraft modding class. Five sessions, close to home, with a maximum of ten kids and three classroom teachers-it sounded perfect.

We jumped on it the first day of registration when My TBP showed enthusiasm.

“Minecraft and modding?! Of course!”

Secretly, I was just as excited since I’ve been looking for ways to get him back into some sort of class experience-albeit small and high interest. I want him to learn from experts and I’m the first to admit that I’m not a modding or Minecraft guru.

I also wanted another opportunity for him to meet other kids that shared a passion. The icing on the cake would be a real modding friend instead of another internet friend.

Today was finally the big day.

Although he was a bit tentative he got his shoes on without coaxing and even left the house sans IPad.

He introduced himself to the others and shared the requested info about his Minecraft experience and favorite parts of the game.

To many, that sounds trivial. To us, it was a huge accomplishment. This was a very good sign.

Unfortunately there were technical issues and the skill set of most participants were at a beginning level. While there is something to say about waiting for others to catch up teaches patience and empathy, mine grew bored.

“That was boring!”

Ugh! I thought to myself…

“We didn’t even get to any Minecraft!”

Think quickly….

“I’m sure this first class was more about housekeeping items and next week will be more interesting.”

He said, “I sure hope so!”

“Me too!”

Dear readers, I’m crossing my fingers!

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