Sweet and Sour Weekend

At the last-minute, we decided to head to the ocean for a few days.

We packed up the dogs and family and headed our Subaru to a rental property that we enjoy.

We traveled about three hours which is really the farthest we go these days. An impatient kid and a geriatric terrier limits our road trips.

We walked on the beach, got caught in the waves and actually did a bit of relaxing.

I was proud when my son stretched  himself and joined the organized laser tag game taking place in the park. It was crowded and loud and some weren’t playing by the rules, but he played.

It was a wonderful time until we learned that my mother was in a serious accident.

We were hours away and couldn’t get any information. Hours earlier has been so good and then horrific news.

My mother has a long and tedious recovery, but we all know she’s lucky to be alive.

Squeeze the ones you love because life can be sweet and then sour.


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