I Was Learning

I did something this weekend that was just for me. Actually, I’m hoping that it will help my family too…but I did this for me.

For twenty-plus years, I’ve shared the importance of life-long learning to children. I’ve told my students to challenge themselves and keep gaining information. Everyone says this, but do they do it?

My grandmother modeled this when at 55, she went to the UW to obtain her fine arts degree. I’ve only realized the courage and determination that was required of my grandma after becoming more serious about my own writing. I want to improve my craft and listen & learn from others.

I attended a writer’s conference. I listened to panel discussions, heard other writers share their work, I stood amongst many as we eagerly waited to pitch literary agents and editors.

I put myself out there, which isn’t easy to do; however, I’m glad that I did it. I got some great feedback and made incredible connections. A few of those meetings could actually change things.

I hope that my son sees me stretching myself. I need to model taking risks since I push him to try.

As moms we forget the importance of doing something for ourselves and instead we focusing on others. This weekend, while tiring and overwhelming, reminded me of this!

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