Is It Too Much?

The other morning, my son told me something important without ever speaking a word.

It was early and I heard him calling for me to come to his room.

I grabbed my glasses and my phone and walked into his room. I sat down in a chair near his bed and put my phone on his dresser.

We were playing this game that we play where I ask him questions and he responds with growls and groans that sound similar to our geriatric terrier.

We both know this is silly and he loves when I lean over and pretend to pet him like I do the dog.

He sat up begging for more and I obliged. Without words, he let me know that he loved the petting, the game, the attention.

As he got out of bed, he saw my phone on his dresser. He growled. I didn’t initially get his message and continued the play talk in the same tone.

He stared at the phone and growled some more and this time I noticed.

“My phone? You don’t like my phone?”

He confirmed it with his impersonation of our dog. I hugged him and pet his head before he walked into his bathroom to get ready for the day.

At that point, the barking and dog talk was over; however, I was still thinking about the phone reaction.

If I’m being honest, I have my phone with me a lot. An awful lot.

I check personal and blog email.

I’m writing and uploading blog posts.

I’m texting, tweeting & Facebooking.

I’m capturing words or phrases or ideas for my writing.

I’m asking Siri for answers and researching questions that my TBP throws at me.

I multitask.

Usually, I think this is okay but now I’m not so sure. This game made me wonder if maybe I had it too much.

So, what do you think? Is your phone too present, too much?

4 thoughts on “Is It Too Much?

  1. This is really timely for me. Thank you. I’ve been lurking for the last few weeks, dipping my toe into the “parent of a gifted child” online world, looking for a community.

    My younger son has made a few innocent but honest comments about my phone use lately. I’ve been asking myself this same question.

  2. I probably use it an okay amount, but I still feel like it’s too much. I’m pretty conscious of it because my husband’s constant phone use drives me bonkers and so I try really hard to be conscious of when I’m using it around the kids. 😛

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