I am one of those people who really enjoy the coming of spring. Where I live, it’s already looking like spring. The days are longer, the trees are starting to blossom, and I’m getting that urge to clean and organize.

Funny thing about my TBP, he prefers a clean house but isn’t fond of the work that tidy requires. I guess if I’m being honest, I’m not a fan of some of those jobs either.

My son is a great negotiator and can give 15 reasons why his help isn’t necessary. He often tells me that he wished we had a maid…you’re not the only one with that wish.

Despite his uneasiness, we continue to push him beyond his comfort zone. He has 8-10 things that he’s asked to do each day. I’m proud of where he is today. Honestly, I’m proud of all of us.

It takes patience, energy and a lot of trial and error to be a good parent. That seems to be even more true for homeschooling and or special needs parenting. We’ve come along way in a year.

Although we’re just starting to see glimpses of spring, I’m already excited about what that means. More sunlight, longer days, and walks in the neighborhood that can last longer instead of quick necessity.

For some people, they love springbecause it reminds them of what summer brings. Since our family of three prefers that the temperature doesn’t rise above 72, were good with spring.

What do you love about spring?

6 thoughts on “Springness

  1. I love the hopefulness of spring. In spring, the garden is going to be amazing, the projects are going to get done, the yard is going to be beautiful. 🙂

    My entire family wants a tidy, clean house but are all reluctant and irritable and getting it that way. Even my hubby!

  2. I love the hopefulness too. Here in New England, everyone is always so HAPPY in Spring. They are going to be off the walls this spring, when the snow finally melts!

  3. The sunshine! And green little shoots poking out. February is usually a very gray month for us, and I’m always ready for sun-drenched days. 🙂

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