Six Reasons I Won’t Be Watching the Oscars

It is Oscar Sunday and I’m sure some of you are very excited about that fact.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy seeing beautiful movie stars walk the red carpet as much as the next person; however, it’s highly unlikely that we will be watching.

So here it is. My top 6 reasons that I won’t be watching the Oscars live tonight.

#6 I don’t have the attention span for a show that long

#5 I’m in charge of bedtime tonight

#4 I haven’t seen any of the movies…unless Boxtrolls count.

#3 If they had a category for best Minecraft Parodies I would be there

#2 My TV tray is broken which means TV snacks are inconvenient

#1 TiVo is the only way to watch in a timely manner…especially on a Sunday night

Will you watch the Oscars tonight?

4 thoughts on “Six Reasons I Won’t Be Watching the Oscars

  1. LOL, no, the Oscars are happening? I jest, a little, but seriously… this is just so not on my radar! No tv, no interest, the only movies I’ve seen in the past year were Maleficent and Hobbit III and I have so many other things that I think are more important. 🙂 I hope bedtime went easy for you!

    • Ha! Thank you it did go smoothly once he quit reading and stopped asking questions about his newest video game. I will zip thru(if there is such a thing with such a long show) to catch the highlights 😃

  2. I truly didn’t know the Oscars were happening. 🙂 Definitely #4 for me. We’ve watched a lot of documentaries and Bill Nye and if I get screen time without children, it’s TED talks.

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