This Woman

I woke up this morning and thought about This Woman that I haven’t seen in years but who is in unimaginable pain. The kind that everyone knows that someday they could face, but no one wants to admit it.

She was lucky enough to be married to her best friend for 24 years, but has now lost him just weeks after her 46th birthday.

46 is way too young to be a widow.

This Woman has been unbelievably brave and strong and hoped for a miracle. She requested strength and prayers and she had a community that wanted to help. Friends of friends gladly offered blessings.

After all, we know that miracles exist; why not for him?!

This Woman has four children that have started to branch out and live, following dreams of their own. They too are overwhelmed by loss so she lifts them with her strength and positivity.

This Woman experienced being a grandparent with her husband before the appearance of grey hairs, early dinners and reader glasses.

This woman seemed to take this horrifying news like a challenge. It was like training for a marathon. She knew the importance of determination and gearing up for what was ahead.

It seems unfair to know this woman is aching for the loss of her husband at such a young age. How can some live to 100 and others, don’t get half of that time?

There was only six weeks between discovering it, naming it, tackling it. Living despite it, trying to make the time count. So fast!

It seems cliché to say that life is fragile and you never know how long anyone has. This is true. Not for only This Woman, but for everyone.

So tell those around you that you love them. Do what feeds you. Make it count.

I hope This Woman knows that she did everything possible. That people admire her and continue to pray for her.

My prayers, my family’s prayers, of strength and courage and faith are with This Woman.



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