My Twice Baked Potato Writes!

A few weeks ago, I shared that my son had started writing for fun again. I was so thankful. I wouldn’t say that this happened without some level of “encouragement” from his writing mama.

I had heard a successful author talk about his writing career. He said that he had been homeschooled and he shared that his real motivation came when he couldn’t find books that he wanted to read. So he started writing them.

When I shared this with my son, it seemed to validate his current homeschooling status and disappointment in the selection of Minecraft stories at our tiny neighborhood library.

“He’s like me?”

His voice sounded tentative.

“Yes. There are similarities.”

He paused and then added, “I’m going to write a book that I would like to read.”

Seeing my nine-year old homeschooling boy in front of the computer is a common sight; however, seeing my son using his advanced keyboarding skills to produce a piece of fictional writing, that is highly unusual.

I watched him add, read, delete, add, wordsmith and read for a few weeks. He was motivated and kept at it, even when it got hard.

So here’s the thing dear readers…

My kid won’t ever knock on your door asking for walk-a-thon money. I won’t pressure you to buy wrapping paper or overpriced cookies, but if you would consider spending $2.99 for the Kindle version I would be grateful.

I know that writers live to write, no matter who reads it or not, but mine needs a bit more encouragement. A nice review would make our hearts sing.

If you have been moved, educated or entertained by anything that I have ever written, I would appreciate your support!

Here is the link…

8 thoughts on “My Twice Baked Potato Writes!

  1. This is so cool that he did this! I’m going to share this post with another homeschooling mom that I know… whose son is also obsessed with minecraft… who knows, maybe they’ll bond! I think they’re the same age…

  2. I bought the book. I plan to read it in the next couple of weeks (my son is going through finals now). If you don’t mind…I would then like to feature it in an article.

    • That was so sweet of you 🙂
      It is very short, but his first attempt at writing anything longer than 300 words since a particular teacher squashed his love of storytelling. He is slowly getting that back 🙂

  3. I also have my own twice baked my 11 year old who loves Minecraft, I will let him read it. He is constantly writing about Minecraft too, it’s an obsession I guess

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