Halloween Recovery

I’m not suggesting that the calendar was designed to stack the deck against me, but there’s something cruel about having Halloween and Daylight Saving occurring on the same weekend.

I’m not sure what we are still recovering from most. Could be the sugar, the artificial coloring, the socializing, the sudden screams from motion activated skeletons, or the annoyance of the dogs barking at every visitor.

Like other highly sensitive kids I know, the inner clock of myTBP takes a bit more time to adjust to this whole fall back thing.

I don’t know anyone that truly feels the advantages of that extra hour.

If I’m being honest, I think I’m still recovering too; sometimes I need reminders that my ability to bounce back, benefits my son.

Yesterday, was a tougher day.

Today, I can already tell that it will be better.

I have a determination today about letting the small things roll off my back and not to get wrapped up in the escalation.

Calm voices. Gentle reminders. Smiles. Empathy. Appreciation for the progress.

Does your family see the need for recovery time? If so, what do you do?



3 thoughts on “Halloween Recovery

  1. Oh gods yes. I’m so exhausted after Halloween, and my littlest is not sleeping very well, so that’s added to it! I’m not sure what recovery looks like, anymore, to be honest. There’s too many things in the hopper right now – but I’d start with a pajama/movie day. And snuggles and books. And naps – lots and lots of naps!

    Here’s to your recovery though… I hope today was, truly, better!

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