The Bunny Weekend Report

This weekend was a great weekend.

It was the kind of weekend that was made up of just the right amount of relaxing at home and making our way out for fun and family.

As always, we started the weekend off with our traditional Friday Family Movie Night.  The day was hectic so instead of stopping by RedBox, we were at the mercy of  Netflix and our selection was slim. Despite our B- movie, the night was saved by the addition of egg dying.

010 012

I love coloring eggs.  We start with the solid colors but by the end, we are using sharpies, crayons and definitely more than one color.

Saturday was a new adventure.  A leader in computer and technology opened their doors to promote their summer camps.  While we doubted that MyTBP would be interested in a five-day camp because of his introverted nature and his lessened stamina, we thought an open house day was a good beginning.

Honestly, I was a little nervous that even this would be too much, but he stretched himself in ways that I haven’t seen in a long time.

When he returned home after the long day, there were mixed reviews; I think a big reason for that was his tired mind.  He wanted to be left alone with his trusty computer to play MineCraft. We agreed that he had certainly earned it.

031 032

During our bedtime routine on Saturday, he began to list the items that he hoped to find in his Easter Basket.  Fully aware of the fact that we are the basket fillers, he played along with the whole, “I wonder where The Important Popular Bunny is now?!”

I was anxious for him to go to sleep before he listed more things he hoped would be there in the morning. I started creating my own hashtag thoughts at this point…




As expected he rose early and was anxious to inspect his Easter Basket.

038035 040

After breakfast, we started getting ready to join the rest of the family for Easter.  Although he opted out of the egg hunt this year, the rest of us enjoyed this long tradition. Once back home from the family gathering, home schooling continued with planting vegetable seeds.


Happy Easter to those that celebrate 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Bunny Weekend Report

  1. Love your hashtags that were running through your mind! And it sounds like a really enjoyable weekend, friend! We dyed our eggs last night but you know what happened? I don’t know what went wrong but nine of the eggs broke while boiling! So we had egg salad.

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