Life Cycle of a Headache

It started with a trip to Starbucks.

I decided that I would be a much better parent, if I stopped for that caramel latte that I thought about all day.

In my mind, I pictured my perfectly prepared coffee in a calm environment.  I had twenty minutes before the nanny expected me. I smiled. It felt naughty to steal this time for myself.

I opened the door to my neighborhood Starbucks and was bombarded by teens. Apparently, a private school bus drops off students in this parking lot; most take shelter in the coffee shop until their parents retrieve them.

I finally got my drink after what seemed like twenty frappucinos with extra whipped were ordered. The teens texted and gossiped about the one that wasn’t standing in line.

It was loud. That is where my headache came to life.

I realized that it was actually more relaxing at my own house. I gathered my things and barely stood up before my tiny table was grabbed up by a teenage boy.  He sat on top of the table. There was no ignoring his massive tennis shoes.

Shortly after I got home and the nanny left, my son announced that he had decided that he was done with school. Ugh!

He started to rant. I offered solutions to each problem, but he wasn’t in a problem solving mood. He was in a ranting and frustrated and overwhelmed mood.

I felt my headache grow. It morphed from a baby-sized pain to a full on adult headache. It was the kind that forces you to squint your eyes.

I decided to try out my new heated neck pillow. I put this cloth snake in the microwave for the suggested two minutes. When I took it out, it smelled like nachos.

I placed this hot snake around my neck.  Thank goodness I had a hooded sweatshirt on because it was way too toasty.

Soon, the temperature was perfect and I draped it over my shoulders.  I know this works best when relaxing, but that just wasn’t in the cards on a weeknight.

I rinsed dishes while I balanced the pillow.

I put wet clothes in the dryer while I balanced the pillow.

I fed the dogs while I balanced the pillow.

I even carried my elderly terrier outside with one hand and read a blog post on my phone while I balanced the pillow.

I had it under control until I slipped on the wet stone walkway. This sent me, my terrier, my phone and neck pillow across the path.

I couldn’t fall with my geriatric dog in my arms. Miraculously, I regained my balance and no one got hurt. Not even the neck pillow.

I came inside and sat down. My heart was beating rapidly, but my headache was gone. It had come to the end of it’s life cycle.

I don’t know if it was the neck pillow or the distractions of the night,  but I was relieved it was over.

RIP, headache.

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