When we were leaving school the other day, we saw the principal.  This was not a scheduled meeting or a come-to-school-to-pick-up-your-naughty-kid meeting.  It was a truly bump- into- you-on- the -way-leaving -school meeting.

He was surprised to see us.  Not like the visits from the pasts.

“Hey!  He is doing so great this year!  It is awesome!”

Yes.  It is awesome.  What is even better, is to hear it confirmed by the principal.

We had assumed that things were going well, but we all know that assumptions aren’t always reality.

We are thrilled….honestly.

He holds it together all day long.  He does the homework, significantly more homework than last year, with his nanny before I get home.  He is tired, but he is doing it.

Things are still a bit sensitive on the weekends.  We are purposely allowing for slower mornings when we can.

Today, we had another fencing class.  Because there wasn’t a scheduled class after us, our private lesson went a bit long.  I sat behind the glass watching and I could see him start to fade.

Stop the lesson on a high note!

I could hear myself thinking this and I had to fight myself not to say it out loud.

But each time I thought he was completely done, the teacher mixed it up with a new drill or a new skill and my son took the bait.  He asked questions and focused even though I knew he was tired.  He let the coach put a metal mask over his head even though it felt heavy and smelled funny.  He tolerated it even though I knew he was uncomfortable.

He was proud and engaged.  We were proud and relieved.

Things aren’t always consistent with my TBP.  He might love something once and hate it the next time.  I wouldn’t say it IS his sport quite yet; however, I think it could be and he seems interested to return.

After a long, busy week and a longer lesson, we should have expected that our afternoon would be bumpy.  But just as I said earlier, things aren’t always consistent and we were having such a good morning.

Later on, he reminded us that he is more sensitive than others.  That is true.

I am pleasantly surprised that he is able to manage his sensitivities at school better, even if it means that there is recovery at home.




5 thoughts on “Progress

  1. That all sounds really positive. And I’m so impressed that the principal KNOWS he’s doing well. That’s fantastic 🙂 Sounds like he has a great support network at home and at school.

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