The Car Seat


This is a week filled with memories…both old and new!  We had my son’s party, birthday, and the Fourth of July.  Today, is the end of a busy week, and I am ready for a vacation; however, we cannot ignore one more celebration…Coming Home Day!

Eight years ago, on this very day, we put a brand new car seat in the back of our Subaru and drove to the hospital.  Out of complete nervousness, I joked about what would be under the blanket when we finally lifted it up!  After all, when you get THE phone call, you don’t say, “Is he a pretty baby?”  You aren’t expecting to see your eyes or your smile.  You truly have no idea!

Because I tend to get ridiculous in the most stressful situations, I started my “act” about how he could have whiskers or a tail or one giant eye.  The more nervous I got, the more that I went on.  I couldn’t stop myself…until I saw him.  Surprisingly, he left me speechless.

I fell in love with him immediately!  Since that moment, he has been the center of my universe and I would do anything for him.  I was a mama bear from the get go and he was completely mine in every way that mattered!

I remember the Fourth of July in 2005.  I was standing in the empty nursery watching the fireworks begin to dwindle.  I was hoping and praying that our dreams would be answered and that this would be the last Fourth of July where the nursery would be vacant.  The very next day, we got the call and arrangements were made to take him home the next day.

My son knows that he is adopted, he has always known.  He knows the dates of his birthday, the day that the judge declared us a “forever family” and the day that we brought him home from the hospital.  I don’t know if he completely understands the importance of these days now (except that he gets a lot of gifts on his birthday week), but we will continue to explain the significance of this week and share our memories with him! 🙂

It was a strange feeling driving to the hospital with a new, empty car seat and then returning home with the most precious cargo in that very spot.  Today, eight years later to the day, we took out the last of the “car seats” for my son.  No it wasn’t the same one in the beginning…it actually wasn’t even the same Subaru, but today was a significant day.

I hadn’t planned on crying, it was a chore or an errand that just needed to be done…but it was very emotional!  It definitely was one more very visible way that showed my baby is growing up!



14 thoughts on “The Car Seat

  1. I was adopted 40+ years ago. It’s wonderful that you celebrate the day you brought him home. My parents always told me the story of my homecoming(I was 2 months) and I never felt like I was different from anyone else because they made it seem normal. My parents are MY parents and nothing will ever change that, People have asked if I would ever look for my biological parents and honestly I’ve never had any big desire to know anything except medical history. When I became pregnant I did think about what my biological mom went through and what a sacrifice she made in giving me up.

    Now that I have kids it is nice to see someone who “resembles” me. However physical traits or perceived personality traits are not the reason I love them, I love the whole package, the family we make and the unconditional love they provide.

    • Wendi-
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting! I appreciate you sharing 🙂
      I have known many adopted people that felt just like you and then a few that struggled with being adopted. It is important to us that my son knows how wanted he was, how we fought for him, and love him unconditionally 🙂

  2. Very touched by what you wrote. I never really thought about what it must feel like for soon to be parents who are just about to see/meet their baby for the first time…how awesome!!!

  3. All the good kids were born early July! Isn’t it amazing how much he hasn’t changed – I can see the same features as a baby and the 8 year old! Thank you so much for sharing his story – he’s a lucky potato!

  4. It was surreal installing your car seat last night.
    Adjusting it for proper heights for a 4yo and knowing that in a blink of an eye, I’ll be removing it for good.
    Thank you for sharing the car seat story… and the car seat! Not many car seats come with good vibes already installed 🙂

  5. Now I understand Twice Baked…and just how special all of you are. Glad you have been honest about the adoption, because then he can ask questions as they arise and never feel like he was duped… What blessings you each have in the other!

  6. What blessing you have in one another. So glad you have been honest with him so he can ask questions as they arise. Next to adopting your son, that may be one of the other greatest gifts you could have given him. And now I understand Twice Baked… 😉

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