Bubble Lunch


Because we have a small family and my son is an only child, we feel that my TBP’s sphere is just too small.  Our bubble could use some expanding!

A few months ago, a friend of ours expressed interest in spending more time with our son.  She is smart, approachable and has a calm manner so we suspected that it might be a  good fit.  Sometimes people have good intentions and then life gets in the way; however, I was thrilled when she followed through with plans and we got a date on the calendar.

Today, was the introduction.  Instantly, her warmth was evident and it was clear that she hadn’t come just to see us.  Quickly, she went to him to see what he was doing and started asking great questions that allowed him to share and open up right away.  Before long, he was calling her by name, asking her questions, and seeking her out to watch him play.

Because he couldn’t wait for lunch, he ate before our guest arrived. Even though he had finished his food, he enjoyed the raspberries that she brought.  While the ladies lunched, my TBP played.  He came to the table a few times to ask questions but, allowed us to eat and have a fairly long conversation without any attention seeking behaviors.

After lunch, we decided to walk to the school and test out a new bubble wand.  Although this activity was mostly for him, I must say that the adults seemed to enjoy it.  My son began to trouble shoot about more or less glycerin to make the perfect bubble solution.  When the bubble exploration was winding down, my son ran to get a closer look at his last year’s class.  Instead of staying with us, our visiting friend shot across the grass to join my boy and asked him questions about his class and school.  A race back to us started and my son was the first across the finish line.

When it was time for our friend to leave, my son voluntarily (yes, completely without my reminders or urging) jumped out of his chair to say goodbye and give a hug.  There was a moment of disbelief because my son is not free with his hugs or eye contact for that matter.  I think that he felt her genuine interest in him and her desire to build a relationship.

To add people to our son’s life and for those adults to share their interests and skills with him, has been an ongoing wish.  Today, the feelings were reciprocated by our adult friend.  I hope that before long, we can have another visit.  Perhaps a trip to the park or a walk to see the turtles near her home.  We know that this is an adult that we will make a point to see and that my precious boy will welcome with open arms!

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