I Will Not Judge Parenting

He's funny

There have been lots of posts in the blogosphere about Mother’s Day.  In fact, I wrote a couple myself (A Good Mom and Mother Guilt).  Today, I kept thinking about how we judge our own parenting and the parenting of others!  We often make decisions about parenting based on appearances that may or may not be accurate.  Because of this, I decided to write a pledge.  I hope to stick to it, but like many new habits, I will need reminders!  Here it goes!

I will not judge parenting by…

The Facebook postings that make your life look spectacular

The “pins” that look ambitious on your organized boards

The neighborhood that you live in and your garden

The cleanliness of your car (and your hidden trunk)

The clothes that your child wears

The unique family photos…especially that gorgeous Christmas card!

Your child’s grades or school achievements

The handmade birthday invitations

The end of the year teacher gift that you coordinated

Your cooking, baking, canning, dehydrating, etc.

The memories that you captured on beautiful scrapbook pages

The amount of activities that your children are signed up for this summer

Your ability (or willingness) to help in your child’s classroom!

On this Mother’s Day, I will remind myself that I am a great mom!  On the other 364 days, I will try to focus on the first five words of the pledge.

I will not judge parenting 🙂

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