Happy Birthday to Me!

This morning, the house was a buzz because of my birthday!  I had birthday hugs and happy birthday wishes and a card waiting for me on the bed when I was finished getting ready.  My precious TBP made me a card that showed us both holding hands.

There have been different periods in my life where I didn’t think that I would ever get a card like this…

Did I want to be a parent?

Would a birth mom pick us?

Would the adoption finalize?

I wasn’t sure that I would have the energy, stamina, patience, etc. to be an elementary teacher and then go home and be the type of mom that I wanted to be.  I am so glad that I did (and am) because hearing my son call me “Mama” still makes me smile and get weak in the knees at the same time.

The table is decorated for tonight’s dinner and the cupcakes are made!  We will enjoy a favorite meal and a quiet night as a family.  When you get to my age, the idea of the prefect celebration is SO different from your younger years.  Before gray hairs, I would start the celebration closer to 9:00pm which is long after our party will be completed and cleaned up.

Tonight, there will be no discussions about homeschooling or staying the course at our current school.  There will be no worries about Middle School or making sure that we do the daily math extensions.  Tonight, we focus on the many blessings and we enjoy a bit more sugar than we should!

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