The Word of the day is… “Transition”

Many of you have emailed about my recent post (The Bomb) sharing support and requesting an update.  I am happy to report that the morning drop off situation has been resolved!

There have been no more “f bombs” released in the office and the clinging & crying has disappeared!   After a couple of rough days, we realized that going from walking with his mother to waiting in the office, was a transition that was taking place too quickly.  We added a relatively simple solution that has changed the mornings for our family!  Instead of arriving at 8:15, my son arrives at 8:05 and sits on the office couch.  He has 10 minutes to eat a quick snack and chat with his mother before the educational assistant comes to take him to class.  This added 10 minutes is now part of the routine and has been a miracle cure!  I could beat myself up about the fact that we should have known and done this in the beginning but…live and learn!

I have to commend the school staff for sticking to their plan.  As a parent, I was very upset that my son was starting the day crying and restrainted.  I have to be honest and say that I was ready to ditch the office drop off !   The wonderful part about “the plan” was that none of the separation anxiety and tantrums tainted the classroom environment.  It is reported that my TBP has been actively participating in class, attending all specialist classes, and playing appropriately with a small group of boys at recess.


Let’s be clear…I am not delusional!  I know that there will be other issues that will need attention.   I celebrate making our way over this first big hump because last year, this drop off situation would have destroyed any chance at a good day.  We are not out of the woods but honestly… I don’t know if you are ever “out of the woods” when you have a child like mine.

Although he doesn’t qualify for occupational therapy anymore, the sensory piece continues to impact his day.   He continues to report that the crowd and noise in the lunchroom is hard for him.  My son is a bright and determined boy.  If he wants to eat in the office with his lady friends, I am concerned that he will find a way to make that happen.  Because of this, I called the school.  I wanted them to know that while he might look as though he is handling the lunchroom, he is complaining about it.  I also wanted to remind everyone that his discomfort is real.  What might seem noisy to us is unbearable to him.  We are proud of his growth and ability to move in the right direction; however, I don’t want him pushed to the point where he wants to escape the discomfort using any means necessary.

Since I am working part-time, I am lucky to pick him up from school.  He sees me sitting in the office and immediately he starts grinning from ear to ear!  We walk home together, hand in hand and I hear the news.  Although he is tired and doesn’t want to share as much as I would like, I believe that I am hearing more than ever.  I allow him time for a snack and a bit of Mind Craft before starting his studies.  At this point, he is tired when he is home and we make a point to keep our schedule light.

I know that many of you are experiencing this transition from summer to school.  I would love to hear how your family is doing!

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2 thoughts on “The Word of the day is… “Transition”

  1. So glad to hear you found the key to a successful morning routine! Sounds like things are, overall, going great!
    Our transition has been going well, coincidentally, we had a change with adding time in as well that has made a world of difference. I cut back my hours at work – just from 40 to 35 per week – and that small change has made a world of difference. I cut back so I would be able to pick up my oldest from school. But I am finding getting home and having that cushion in our routine is so amazingly nice. Before I was rushing to get backpacks unloaded and dinner started and then we were eating and then it was bedtime routine before I knew it. Now we actually have some time to play together before I have to start on dinner. And since we have that time, both my boys are pretty agreeable to sitting on stools at the kitchen counter and working on “homework” (they’re only 6 and 3 – nothing real yet!) while I start dinner. So I get more time and more quality to that time!

    • It seems that small changes do really make a difference! Although we have made financial sacrifices for me to work part time, it is proving to be a good decision for the time. Glad things are less stressful in your home 😉

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