Goodbye Summer

Today seems to be a significant day.  It is the last day before I return to work and my son returns to his school responsibilities.  Tomorrow, my TBP will meet his new teacher and he will begin his 2nd grade year on Wednesday.  Although I wish that this day would slow down, it speeds up significantly after morning errands and lunch.

My son got his “back to school hair cut” today.

His school supplies are snuggly packed in two bags.  We are only missing the oil pastels which seem to be on everyone’s “Most Wanted” list.

Boy clothes have been tried on and are folded or hanging in the closet.  Those that are too small have been put in bags for others.

Tonight, we will have ice cream sundaes and a movie to say goodbye to summer and hello to school.  It is hard to imagine that summer came and went as quickly as it did.  We are filled with emotions, but we are keeping the worry to ourselves…especially since his worry is obvious.

I asked my son what he would like to do today.  I asked about an afternoon trip to the park or a visit to the science center.  With little pause, he answered the way that I expected…

“If this is my last day of Summer, I would really like to spend it doing my favorite thing…Mine Craft of course!” 🙂

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer

  1. My nephew is a Mine Craft enthusiast as well. Up til now, I still don’t know what the heck Mine Craft is!! Haha!

    Have a great first day of school! My son is starting pre-school next week too. I get sad just thinking about it…

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