Almost Wordless Wednesday Report

I was a teacher for many years before I was a mother.  I had no idea what it meant to be a parent until I became one.  Lately, I have been thinking about my new group of early learners in a way that I haven’t focused on before.  I want them to love learning and I want their parents to feel comfortable sending them to me.  With a safe, inviting, and engaging environment, hopefully school will be a desirable (and valuable) place to spend so much of their time.

This is how I think about my son.  I don’t expect my son’s teacher to love him like I do, but I would like her/him to know that he is a boy that is bright, cherished, sensitive, curious & loved.

When he was curious in playing & writing his own songs

Full of Joy Boy

Persistent Boy

Slounging Boy

Lover of Nature Boy

5 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday Report

    • @Memyselfandkids-
      Teaching is a challenging job and I don’t ever want it to seem like I am bashing teachers; however, I know that the pressure to get all students to a certain place can sometimes make us (at least me) forget the importance of joy and instilling a LOVE of learning. Being the parent of a boy that doesn’t fit the norm, has caused me to look at school, the profession, and my own role in the process very differently! Thanks for your comment! 😉

      • I am a high school teacher at an inner city school. We face some of the stereotypical challenges you hear about. It is not an easy job. I respect any teacher who is hardworking, dedicated,and caring.

  1. Be sure to compile a portfolio of your son’s achievements. They can add up to make a case for advanced learning later on.

    Perhaps you can show his teacher some of his work to give her an idea of how she may best approach his case (my son’s teacher was very flexible in giving him advanced textbooks). Good luck.

    • Last year we were met with extreme resistance. They doubted his giftedness, focused on his struggles, and were defensive that I was a teacher myself. I am hopeful that this year’s teacher will pretest and hear his strengths, but are prepared if they continue to focus only on challenges!

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