Truth About Summer Continued…

On our last trip, my son was a great sport after missing his pool opportunity (thunder/lightning).  Becuase of this, we promised that we would stay somewhere with a pool before school started.

When my son shared his pathetic account of his summer (Here’s the Truth of Summer),  I was reminded of this promise.  So, we pulled out the calendar (and credit card) and planned a short, 2 day stay trip.

Pets accepted?   Check

Nice room for slounging?  Check

Kitchenette?  Check

Pool?  Check

The short travel time and complimentary breakfasts and we were good to go!

If you remember, we are not big travelers but, we do enjoy a few days from home.  When we are home during vacation, we get sucked into yard work, laundry, or cleaning out that closet that we keep putting off!  Honestly, it is hard for us to “relax” (no surprise) so a change of scenery is a good thing.

My TBP is quite content at home.  A great day for him is staying inside (in his pjs or sweatpants) playing Mine Craft or Legos and stopping for snacks or showing us his latest creations.  He isn’t the kid begging us to go places.  He is rarely interested in going to locations centered around the “typical” kid.

Do you want to go somewhere today?

No, thank you.

How about a picnic or the park?

Uh…remember….BEES!  No, thank you!

I’m lucky if I talk him into a trip to the library; however, he is okay with a trip to Starbucks.  Thank you, Howard Schultz!

When we shared that we booked this trip, we got the questions that we expected.

When are we going?

How long will we go?

Can I play Mine Craft?

Hopefully, we will have a great family vacation.  I will be sure to post pictures of the trip!  Now I’m wondering…How do you make family getaways memorable?

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