My Funny Vampire

Many of you probably know the song…My Funny Valentine.  On a recent trip, I came up with my own rendition of this song.  My version had the same tune, but slightly different words.  “My Funny Vampire…Sweet Little Vampire…Stay in the darkness, Vampire.”  These were the only words that I could get out,  before I heard complaints from the back seat.  “I know that song is about me and it isn’t funny.  Please stop!”  Because we have worked  on social coaching, I couldn’t continue my tune. He had asked in a polite voice for me to stop and continuing it would go against our consistent message.  However, I can see why some might be tempted to ignore this polite request, because I was more than ready to come up with the next bar or two at that moment.  With a lot of restraint, I did not continue it.  But inside my head, I was on a roll!

The reason for the song is this, we call our son a vampire.  He has always avoided the sunlight and on a warm day, much prefers an air conditioned house to outside.  While in the car, he complains that the sun shines in his window and is too distracting or hurts his eyes.  Of course, it also interferes with his video game viewing which frustrates him even more.  My precious vampire gets hot very quickly. It might take us 30 minutes to embark on a journey outside, but we rarely spend more than 20 minutes before the negotiating begins.  We wonder if this is due to his sensory issues and that any “uncomfortable feeling” such as being too warm, causes him more stress than most.

Truly, our whole family is a bit “vampirish.” We hibernate if it is hot and can be found in a movie theater (with our choice of seats) when others are flocking to the beach.  However, if it is a comfortable 73 degrees and beautiful, I believe it requires some outdoor activities.

Earlier ths week, I tried to coax my little vampire outside. He gave me a  disgusted look as if I should know that when he steps outside…he will instantly melt or explode!  When I questioned him about it, he said…”I wouldn’t explode.  More likely, I would implode.”  He continued by saying…”Really Mama…My insides would cook before the melting began.”  Sigh…

Instead of suggesting something that is obviously “sun realted” like a trip to the beach, I am trying a slightly different approach.   Yesterday, I persuaded him that his Lego movie would have much better lighting outside.  He agreed for awhile, before giving me a suspicious look and accusing me of tricking him to go outside.  Guilty.

Today I am asking myself…Why should it matter if he stays inside most of the time?  He can have fun and enriching experiences inside, right?!  Honestly, I shouldn’t be surprised! This kid is unique in most other ways, so why should this be any different? Now I ask you, any other vampires out there?

10 thoughts on “My Funny Vampire

  1. Oh yes that is just like My child. I don’t have a problem with him being inside a lot as long as he will take a break from electronics, which is basically impossible. He usually says he is just goo tired to go outside. Luckily his friends can coax him outside for a squirt gun fight or going to the pool in the summer. Once winter comes if I want to get him out of here the whole day will be centered around his enjoyment!!: ).

  2. @Carrie-your comment made me smile!
    I thought this might be a common issue with our sweet 2e children, but wasn’t sure. Thanks for your continued support and thoughtful comments!

  3. I recently came across this blog- and just have to say, I love it! It sounds like parenting your twice baked potato has been filled with many many challenges but even more joy- what I love is that this is providing a format for other parents to learn, share and swap insights. Would love to see more- you have so much to say and share- any chance of writing a book on the subject? We would be first in line to buy!

    • @Duganriley-
      Thank you for visiting the site and I am so thankful that you enjoy it! I have been tremendously moved by the emails and comments that I get from parents searching for answers and support! I am currently writing a book to help teachers support the 2e chldren in their classrooms! As a parent and a teacher, I believe that I have a realistic expectation on what type of book a teacher needs and is drawn to with their limited amount of time, but desire to learn more! As a parent of a 2e child, I also know what I wished that my son’s teacher would have known about twice-exceptional students.

  4. Can I relate to this! Great article and great insight. I find myself in the mire constantly and appreciate your approach. Keep it coming!

  5. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing all these insights into your life. So do you think it is really related to his sensory issues or more that he just enjoys indoor activities more than going outside? I’m really curious about your opinion, thanks.

    • @hnMom-
      Great question! I think about it a bit like the chicken and the egg scenario. He is very sensitive and any feeling of discomfort seems to be more noticeable. This can be feeling too hot, too cold, too hungry, and too tired. While all of us experience these feelings, they seem to overwhelm him more than others. He does prefer Legos, video games and chess to outdoor activities. Thank you for your thoughts! I believe interesting questions like yours, brings such a deeper level to the discussion!

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