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Even on Christmas?

As we add felt ornaments to the Advent calendar, my son becomes more and more excited about Christmas. He jumps around and his face lights up; he is excited about all the gifts and at that moment, he looks like any other third grader. Today, the excitement lasted only a short time before the serious questions … Continue reading

Where are you Cindy-Lou Who?

Recently, I wrote about a challenging holiday season.  The Tall and The Small was that story. What I shared in that piece is that when you are experiencing real grief and possibly life-altering chaos during the holidays, it is a strange feeling.  It is supposed to be the happiest time of the year. Supposed to be. … Continue reading

The Tall and The Small

We have two trees that are decorated in our home. One is tall and beautiful.  It is decorated with white lights and a variety of shiny ornaments.  Each year, we place my son’s new Santa picture in a miniature frame and find a special place of honor among all the branches.  I take great pleasure … Continue reading