Holidays…As Many Of You Know


I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish this weekend. Some of those activities were actually done.

Our tree is decorated now and the lighter boxes filled only with tissue and empty ornament containers and ladder are back in the garage.

My TBP has a small tree dripping in multicolored lights and kid-friendly ornaments.

More holiday shopping was completed and now there’s a master list of those packages that we are waiting for delivery.

My TBP got his haircut. Only some of you dear readers understand what a big deal that is…the sounds, the patience, the itching.

I had hoped to do some wrapping, but that didn’t happen. I had hoped to start my holiday cards but that too has been pushed back. I had hoped that the weekend would drag and we would have quiet, peaceful time.

As many of you know, the holidays add an extra layer for a kid like mine. Holiday tiredness is felt deeper.

We work hard to spread out the sensory things. We make choices with our activities. As many of you know, even good changes like trees and lights are still changes.

Dear readers, as many of you know, the holidays are filled with excitement and energy and emotions and disappointments. We ride the waves of December and try not to be ambitious with our expectations.

Here’s to stopping and breathing and actually enjoying this season.



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