The Blog Choices

In the past, I used this blog as a vehicle to work through parenting struggles.

During the early days, those confused and worry about the future days, tantrums and intensities provided me with lots of material.

I am thankful for the support and answers that came from the blog, either directly or indirectly.

I am also grateful for the unique gift this documented journey provides. There were certain times, certain months, that I could have written daily. Much of the writing was produced through tears and frustration.

Looking back, it isn’t hard to see the enormous progress that our family feels. We feel it daily.

Over the holidays, I took a blogging staycation and thought about my current relationship with the blog.

I had decided earlier that I didn’t want to share every load of our dirty laundry with the world. I was well aware that could make a difference in the writing, the frequency and the intensity.

We get a lot of learning accomplished each day now.  There is more laughing and teasing and smiling, but some might find that boring to read. Maybe the good times can be inspirational to those that are now walking through their hardest and struggling days.

Do you tend to write more about the struggles or the celebrations?

6 thoughts on “The Blog Choices

  1. My mom used to say that books leave out all the happy parts because they are boring but keep in all the unhappy parts because they are exciting. But I’m the sort of person who prefers the happy parts and reads them again and again. 🙂 Nowadays my sister reads new books for me to make sure they are tame enough. I have always gotten away with it because I can just say that there is enough stress in the medical field and I don’t need any more in my leisure time. But I know many people are considered shallow for not enjoying the angst and drama as much. To each his or her own.

    I use my blog to figure things out and process through what happens. I wrote a little during residency but my first regular blog was to figure out parenting a high needs baby and setting up how we wanted our lives to be. My next was about my strokes and that one is still up and I write on it occasionally because I want people to know that life does go on after a stroke and you find a new normal. Now I write about trying to figure out this parenting and family thing with all the little extra complexities. Maybe someday I’ll have a new situation and a new blog, who knows? They are like different books in a series for me. Like the Anne of Green Gables books as she progresses through the stages of her life.

    I think it’s great that you are using your own blog to meet your needs. It belongs to you not vice versa. I’ll be happy to see whatever it is you post.

  2. I don’t write about parenting struggles because I worry that some day they’ll be used against my kids… but my situation is different, I put up pictures (although I don’t use their names) and there’s the possibility that they could be tracked down later in life.

    I’m so glad things are going easier for you though! I’ll be interested to see what you decide to post!

    • Thank you. I feel that being present during homeschooling is my biggest priority so I have to feel motivated to say something when I blog. Trying to say things differently than others. Perhaps capturing the highlights 😄

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