Doing It This Way

In years past, the holidays were done differently.

We had our shopping done and the gifts wrapped under the tree just when the first holiday shows were starting.

Our cards were ordered, messages written, and they were stamped and addressed before we turned the calendar to December.

Yes. Things are different.

We are still shopping for gifts and we just ordered cards. It seems that instead of diving into Christmas, we are walking in the shallow end slower this year.

It’s a deliberate move. Work and homeschooling keeps us busy so the holidays can add a level of stress that diminishes us to checklists and prevents us from enjoying this special time of year.

We have learned that we make choices instead of pressuring ourselves to do it all. Earlier, we knew this, but we often pushed against it to create the “perfect holidays” and it often bit us.

I know that we aren’t alone. We want those great memories, but I’m always surprised at the memories that my son remembers.

I have to admit that I still try to push a bit, especially when things are going well, I begin to add to that list if I’m not careful.

So thoughtful readers…How do you balance your family’s needs during the holidays?

2 thoughts on “Doing It This Way

  1. The “holidays” are so overrated! This year will be very pared back and I don’t think we will enjoy it any less. Maybe because we don’t have Thanksgiving here in Australia, and no snow, despite the early tinsel in the shopping centres (freaking October???), I don’t feel the need to go all out until about now – 2 weeks lead up is enough!

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