People…I’ve Got It Bad!

For a few years, my son has had the same obsession, video games.  He begins his day asking video game questions…

Wouldn’t it be cool if there were trolls in Minecraft?

Didn’t you think that last boss battle was cool?

What do you think I should create today?

During our bedtime routine, he tries to calm his brain by reviewing the day out loud. No matter what he experienced while the sun was up, video games always make an appearance in our conversation.  I used to fight it, but now I realized that it is just part of his process.

Wasn’t that cool when I found that ray gun?

Do you think I will get to the next level tomorrow?

What strategy do you think I should try when I come up against that player?

To be honest, it annoyed me. I didn’t understand how anyone could be so consumed with a game…until now.

Now, I get it.

I have a serious addiction to a little game, maybe you have heard of it…Candy Crush?

I know the game isn’t new. I resisted the urge to join when I received the invites from friends on Facebook. I knew that I didn’t have any time for a new time sucker so I didn’t even glance, peak or tempt myself…until now.

People, I have it bad.

I have it installed on my phone and my iPad.  I refuse to pay for the lives or the extra help so I play all of my turns

on one device and then I switch to the other.

Sick, right?

I love the sounds that the game shares while I am succeeding…Sweet!

I can’t stand the sight of the little girl crying and the words “You Failed” right there in front of me.

The striped candies, the wrapped morsels, the sprinkled donuts!  The quest to beat the jellies!

Currently, I am stuck on a level where all the bottom candies are trapped in some sort of fishing net.

I think it’s rigged. I get SO close and I’m sure that this time is going to be the one after all I have seven turns left to get one last jelly!

Before I know it, I have no turns left and there sits that remaining lone one. Damn it!

The only reason that I can write this, is that I am waiting 23:16 minutes for my next opportunity.

I am experiencing a lot of feelings about this new obsession.  Excitement, interest, hope, frustration, embarrassment are just some of my emotions that are all wrapped up together. The most surprising thing that has resulted in my new compulsion is the understanding that I have now gained about my son.

Now, I get it.

I get why my son goes through these video game memories as a way to calm his mind and go to sleep.

I get why he thinks about the different strategies that he will attempt the next day.

I get why he anxiously finishes his “must do” chores and schoolwork so he can play.

I get why he closes his eyes and sees characters or settings of his games.

Last night, I could not turn my candy thoughts off; when I told my son about my thoughts this morning, he said, “Mama, I think you better stop Candy Crush now before you become addicted!”

I thought to myself, how ironic and…too late.

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