The Others

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.

This is a day where all moms should be honored for all that they do; those things that we notice and the many things that they do behind the scenes.

If you’re like me, the day is shared with other moms.  My mother, my sister, my grandmother and the other mother in our house.

I also think about my son’s birth mother that provided us with the most amazing gift.  We wouldn’t be part of this whole Motherhood Club without her!

Tomorrow is about my students’ mothers  that work hard to support the children in my classroom in addition to their own.

It’s about my dedicated co-workers, that often give up time with their own children to make sure they are ready for each day with their students.

Yes.  Tomorrow is about all of these women that I love and respect.

Because we honor the matriarchs of the family tomorrow, we decided to celebrate ourselves as hardworking and loving mothers with a babysitter tonight.

Tonight, we celebrate Mother’s Day with a dinner that someone else will cook and clean.  We will have a complete conversation with the only interruptions being, “Would you like another glass of wine?” or “How about dessert?”

Tomorrow isn’t a day off for manicures or massages or relaxation.  It will be a family brunch, with parenting and homeschooling to follow.

As mothers sandwiched between parents and children, tomorrow isn’t really about us.  It’s about the others.

I’m okay with this because the day will come faster than I like where I am the matriarch.  At that time, I will look back and wish that it didn’t pass by so quickly.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you no matter how you celebrate yourself or the others.


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