We Got You Now, Effers!

This weekend was a busy weekend. In the previous post, I shared the many ways that we learned about force and motion. Saturday was a successful homeschooling day.

There were questions and experiments and connecting previous learning to new ideas.  In my mind, it was what learning should look like for all kids.

Sunday…well that was another story.

I don’t know if we overdid it the previous day or if there was just something in the water. It was a hard day.

MyTBP wasn’t interested in learning new things, educational things.  He was more argumentative and resisted my attempts to switch his focus from Mine Craft.  In his defense, our new homeschooling is more active and more comprehensive than what he had grown accustomed to in his third grade class.

Reminding myself of this unfortunate truth made me both sad and angry.  In truth, we are still undoing the pain from that place.

On Sunday, we filed a formal complaint against the school district.  I threatened to do it, I promised myself that we would do it, and we did it; even when I knew it would be painful to relive and time-consuming to complete.  When we were about to hit the “send” button, we reread our complaint and the number of issues even made us stop and pause.


The discrimination.  The neglect.  Completely spitting in the face of all procedures and expectations that are supposed to level the playing field for a student with a medical condition and a 504 plan.

We got you now, Effers!

Some might think that taking the time to file this complaint, find the supporting documents and emails, and waiting for the process to take its course is a waste of time.  We aren’t going back to that school again so why does it matter?

It matters because they need to know that what they did was against the law.

It matters because they need to change policies and procedures so that other families and children don’t have to go through what we have had to go through.

It matters because it wasn’t right, as professionals, as teachers, as fricking human beings!

I REALLY want an “I’m sorry” but I’m not holding my breath.

No educator, teacher, counselor, principal, or Special Education Director should be allowed to make a child feel small, as though they are just there, taking up space.

No more!

We got you now, Effers!

8 thoughts on “We Got You Now, Effers!

  1. No child should be made to feel small, EVER. F#ck them (and I use the # out of respect for your blog and mean 100% that word with the U in its proper place). Just wrong and I’m so glad that you continued through with it because it does matter. It matters a lot. It matters to every single child and family who will come through there and not realize they can (or want to) homeschool. You rock for making a difference.

  2. And as a former educator who DID bust her butt to meet 504s (or prevent them from even needing to be filed), you did the right thing. I’ts tough when you have mandate after mandate thrown at you in a school, but you are giving them the opportunity to refocus and remember what the REAL mandates are in schools-supporting students.

  3. If more parents and teachers stood up to the system it wouldn’t be so broken. It reminds me of a quote I had hanging in my classroom door many years, “What’s popular isn’t always right and what’s right isn’t always popular.” You did what’s right.

  4. I have traveled a similar path with fighting the system. 1. You are standing up for your son as his advocate, his protector and his hero. BRAVO! 2. Change doesn’t happen without conflict first- you are being courageous and strong to bear the banner for future families. Don’t forget there are those in the interwebs who are here to cheer you and and support you!

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