Combo School

Those of you that follow our story know that we recently started homeschooling.  Like many other families, our homeschooling is really a combination of unschooling, on-line schooling, and “roam” school.

Let me explain…

Because my son’s school was such a disaster, he currently runs the other way when I present anything that resembles “doing school.”   Text books and workbooks remind him of  the days when he felt the most stressed and anxious and the least valued.  It is sad to say that a school, a teacher, caused this…but it is true.  Now, we have to be very tricky about how we present any lessons.

Computer games that are both educational and/or strategic have proven helpful.  He forgets that he is doing math as he makes decisions about how best to prepare his virtual lemonade stand so it can be profitable.  He doesn’t realize the strategy involved as he uses physics to get the ball from one side of the screen to another.  He writes and illustrates stories on the iPad, even though he refuses to write in his beloved journal.  Both and Khan Academy have proven to be a valuable resource.  Screened You Tube videos have also been a wonderful resource as we study the birds and hummingbirds that have feasted at our backyard feeders.

Each weekend, we plan a trip that has educational benefits and through our discussions, we stretch his thinking while checking off the skills that we want him to cover. Last Sunday, we went to a large wetlands area and discussed the impact on that ecosystem if a nearby boat was to leak oil or gas.

Home is a place of more smiles and laughter these days.

Both mornings and the bedtime routine are bonding times and opportunities to revisit the highlights of the day.  It is hard to imagine, that just a few weeks ago, we were overwhelmed with worry about the present and the future.

I’m not saying that every minute of every day is easy, it isn’t; however, I will say that I have my son back and I am proud of the learning and educational activities that he is doing.

6 thoughts on “Combo School

  1. Hey, we’re not the only ones!

    My bright 8 year old child was also burned out and stressed. Today he spent 4 hours reading and listened to a symphony for almost an hour. Typical days involve NOVA videos, Cosmos, Magic School Bus, and is all over Brain Pop. He’s having a blast and I’m relieved and excited for him!

    Keep doing what you’re doing!

    Who came up with the idea that an 8 year old needs to know compound sentences from a workbook? UGH….

  2. Thanks for sharing! We have been thinking about homeschooling but still have a few years to decide. I look forward to hearing more about how it goes.

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